Day School

6 month old Mickey learning “place”
Olive working on “sit-stay”
Working on “stay”

Here at Ontario Canine Wellness Centre, we believe in setting your dog up for success. Not only do we offer a fun and enriching daycare setting, we also offer a day school program for those pups who need some extra help.

We believe all dogs thrive with routine and consistency, which is why we offer a structured routine for your dog. Our day school provides a scheduled day consisting of play, training, rest and impulse control. We work with your dog throughout the day teaching them basic manners, loose leash walking, place, threshold patience and self calming techniques.

While in our care, your dog will have the opportunity to experience many fun activities throughout the day as well as have breaks throughout the day to recharge.


  • Obedience (sit, down, loose leash walking, stay, leave it, place and look)
  • Enrichment (treadmill, scent games, core strength, tricks and more)
  • Manners (no jumping, waiting at doors, polite interactions, etc.)
  • Puppies (crate training, respectful playtime, house training)
  • Playtime (supervised play with other dogs or solo)
  • Crate training (giving your pets a safe place for down time)