Pet First Aid

Walks N’ Wags Pet First Aid Course

Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid are National Leaders in Pet First Aid and have the longest standing Pet First Aid course in Canada. It has earned the “Stamp of Approval” from Animal Wellness, North America’s top Animal Wellness magazine. The hands-on live practice gives you the skills and confidence to deal with illness and emergencies.

Important topics covered in the 10hr pet first aid classes include:
  • Immediate steps to take in an emergency.
  • What to include in your Pet First Aid kit.
  • How to safely approach an injured animal.
  • How to complete a Head to toe assessment.
  • How to restrain an injured animal.
  • How to transport an injured animal.
  • Recognition of signs of common illness and injury.
  • How to handle various bleeding wounds.
  • Bone injuries.
  • Ear injuries.
  • Eye injuries.
  • Choking skills.
  • Artificial Respiration.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
  • Poisoning.
  • Frostbite and hypothermia.
  • Heat stroke.
  • Burns.
  • Administration of medications.
  • Strong emphasis on prevention of illness and injury.
  • And More…

Why Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Classes?

  • Walks ‘N’ Wags are the longest standing Pet First Aid program in Canada.
  • The course is applicable to both dog AND cat owners.
  • The company is internationally recognized.
  • Upon successful completion IAABC AND PSI members are eligible for CEU (continuing education) credits.
  • Receive an extensive, user-friendly manual complete with custom illustrations to assist you in your time of need.
  • You’ll receive a beautiful Certificate of completion upon passing the course.
  • Walks ‘N’ Wags works with live pets to experience them wiggling about as you try to bandage them and find their vital signs!
  • Our Instructors come from an amazing variety of emergency personnel such as firefighters, nurses, and human First Aid Instructors. To animal specialists such as Veterinary technicians, dog trainers, and kennel owners.
  • Utilize our logo on your web site or print materials to confirm you have completed our program and add recognition.
  • And will be added to the professional participants page of our web site with a direct web link to yours.
  • The Pet First Aid courses are informative AND fun!

First Aid Supplies Provided but returned at the end of class:

  1. Personal dog or cat stuffed (toy) animal for bandaging, splinting and CPR practical’s
  2. First aid basket filled with first aid supplies needed for scenarios throughout the day. There will be no sharing of medical supplies with other students​

POCKET FIRST AID KIT $20 RC Pets Pocket Pet First Aid Kit is an easy to carry kit suitable for safely and effectively dealing with minor incidents. Created in partnership with Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid, this kit contains the basic supplies pet guardians need to be prepared for small emergencies that can happen during every day adventures.

Contents include:

  • English & French First Aid Manual
  • 2″x2″ (5cmx5cm) Gauze Pads x4
  • PBT Bandage x 1 roll
  • Medical Adhesive Tape x1
  • Stainless Steel Scissors x1
  • Stainless Steel Tweezers x1
  • Medical Gloves x1 pair
  • Cohesive Bandage x 1
  • Triangle Bandage x1
  • Whistle x 1


This kit has a belt loop so it can be worn easily while out on walks. Kit organizes supplies and instructions into clear vinyl pockets for easy access. Durable bright orange fabric is highly visible. Reflective piping on kits makes it easy to find in low light situations. Zipper extenders allow you to open the kit while wearing gloves. Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Manual offers easy to follow instructions.

Contents include:

Gauze Rolls x 3
Square Gauze Pads x 4
Rectangle Gauze Pads x 4
Elastic Bandage x 1
Patch Adhesive x 2
Triangle Bandage x 1
Exam Gloves x 1
First Aid tape x 1
Tweezers x 1
Scissors x 1
Cold Pack x 1
Saline Solution x 1
Antiseptic Wipes x 8
Wooden Tongue Depressor x 2


Weighing in at less then 2 lbs; this 75 piece pet first aid kit is highly water resistant and perfect for carrying in a backpack or fanny pack. Red or blue assorted.

Contents include:

2 – pair exam gloves
2 – Quality Conforming Gauze 5cmx4.1m/2inx4.5yd
1 – Quality Conforming Gauze 7.5cmx4.1m/3inx4.5yd
20 – 3″ x 3″ Sterile woven Gauze Pads;
1 – Quality Elastic Tensor Bandage 5cmx4.5m/2inx5yd
1 – Quality Elastic Tensor Bandage 7.5cmx4.5m/3inx5yd
1 – EMS utility Scissors 18 cm/7 in
1 – Adhesive Tape 2.5cmx4.5m/1inx5yd
1 – ABD Sterile Pad 20x25cm/8x10in2
2 – Triangular Bandages with sewn edges; pins
15 – Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic Towelettes; individually packaged
1 – Disposable Cold Pack
1 – Emergency Foil Blanket 137.2×213.4 cm/52×84 in
25 – Assorted Fabric Adhesive Bandages – for the humans!
1 – Water Resistant Carry Bag

First Aid Kits can be purchased here: