Fitness and Conditioning

10 Week Odin working on balance
18 month Fundy enjoying some climbing

Do you have a canine athlete?

Do you have a dog that is in need of some fitness tips or exercise? Our Fitness and Conditioning classes would be the perfect outlet for you to help your dog live its healthiest life. Our classes are designed to teach you how to strengthen and tone your dog’s body to help them keep fit and prevent injuries. We will show you how to create a fitness plan and how to track your dog’s progress along the way.

Your dog’s fitness has a huge impact on their overall health and prevention of injuries. Equally balanced muscles and a strong core will help prevent cruciate injuries and give your dog well rounded muscle tone.

Our beginner class will introduce you to fitness assessments of your own dog, major muscles and how they work, building a successful fitness routine and focusing on the following exercises:

Core Strength
Balance and Proprioception
Building and Toning muscle.

All exercises can be done in the comfort of your house.

Come and learn how to help your dog live it’s healthiest life.

For the canine athlete we have a dogPACER treadmill on site for all your endurance and conditioning needs! If you are interested in renting the treadmill we offer many time slots to fit your dog’s needs.