Well-Behaved Dog Class

Flat-coated Retriever Fundy at 11 months.

This is our most popular class with our students as good manners are important for all dogs to learn.

In this 7-week class you will learn how to teach your dog basic and important skills they need for a happy and balanced life. Your dog will learn and understand commands such as sit, stay, come, down, “leave it”, go to “place” and loose leash walking. In this class we will share extra tips to help you mold a dog that you can be proud of. We will teach you how to train a confident recall so your dog comes the first time you call. We will show you how to teach your dog to bring you what they have in their mouth instead of you chasing them around the house. We always provide extra time for any questions or any issues you might be challenged with.

All training is done with a slip collar and we show you a suitable way to communicated with your dog kindly and effectively

Down stays